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09/11/2019 -Sandra Howard- (U.S.A.)I wanted to inform you that my husband, John, and I received EXCELLENT customer care and service by intellectual-bitcoin. Their helpfulness to detail, outstanding communication and problem solving made our experience EXTRAORDINARY with your company. We have already referred several people to your company and they are fully satisfied with your top conditions too.

09/11/2019 - Hans Müller- (Germany)Bis seit Januar bei intellectual-bitcoin startete mit 50 Dollar, jetzt bei 10600 Dollar voll zufrieden

09/11/2019 - Peter Schuster - (Austria)

Hallo! Habe mich für intellectual-bitcoin aufgrund der höheren Zinsen als beim meiner Hausbank entschieden und diese Entscheidung nie bereut. Am Anfang war ich sehr skeptisch und habe mit $1000 angefangen. Dann in ein paar Monate habe noch $10000 zugelegt. Danach habe ich mein Sparschwein kräftig geschüttelt und momentan bin ich bei $100000. Tja, nichts zu jammern… Jetzt kann ich mir endlich das leisen, was ich früher nicht könnte!

10/11/2019 - Richard Collins - (U.S.A.)

Hi Friends! Know what, I just found out that this Company is great. After I joined and saw how I was earning interests so fast then I was totally sure that this was the place to invest. As soon as I can I will double My investment to the highest possible investment. No doubts about it! Come and see by Yourself! Good luck!!!

10/11/2019 - Hadian Kusnadi- (Indonesia)Hi I from Indonesia Saya senang berinvestasi di intellectual-bitcoin Pelayanan sangat memuaskan, profit selalu berjalan setiap harinya dan withdrawal sangat cepat sekali Terima kasih intellectual-bitcoin Semoga berumur panjang dan sukses selalu

10/11/2019 - Hans Fischer - (Germany)Ich bin bei intellectual-bitcoin seit 1 Monaten Kunde. Die Konditionen und der Service sind super. intellectual-bitcoinbegeisterte mich so sehr dass ich bald noch mehrere Einzahlungen vorgenommen hatte. Zu Zeit bin ich sw-bitcoin Kunde mit einem Gesamtanlagebetrag von 117000 USD und rundum zufrieden!

11/11/2019 - Karl Wagner - (Germany)Die sw-bitcoin Mitarbeiter sind immer sehr freundlich, zuvorkommend und hilfsbereit. Die eigenen Wünsche werden zu 100% berücksichtigt und umgesetzt. Bin total begeistert und zufrieden!

11/11/2019 - Tom Gant - (U.S.A.)The guide help was great, as I had a problem depositing thank you.

12/11/2019 - Hanns Wolters- (Austria)I had to contact to change my Bitcoin address - waited on hold for about 90 seconds and they fixed everything. Very professional and helpful. Their online user interface is very friendly and easy to understand. I am so pleased: NO maximum daily limits, NO fees. Great customer service and super interest rates! My wife and I are so pleased.

12/11/2019 - Lidia nnalove - (Cote D'ivoire) made a Deposit in the amount of 0.0056 bitcoins and got 0.56 a huge thank you!I am very pleased with you!




13/11/2019 MARTIN JOSH-(U.S.A) Got 27.83 bitcoin thank you in good company wish you success big thanks to my profits cheers I will work with you always

13/11/2019 Artur Campel-(Japan) Thanks to the project today got 2 bitcoin cool! I advise everyone! the site is magical

14/11/2019 Fady-(Cairo, Al Qahirah, Egypt) the project was just super action 1 day I decided to participate and got a great profit thank you

14/11/2019 michaelnobel-(Sweden) GREAT THANK YOU to Admin: Instant withdrawal of 3.364btc completed !

14/11/2019 AlexaUh- (France) Second payment received ! Let's go go go !

15/11/2019 Danniel29-(Netherlands) Fast withdrawal and good support chat

16/11/2019 Joca-(Spain) The best site to pay

16/11/2019 matilda-(USA) fantastic service and fantastic earning site, i hope long term is this one

17/11/2019 Arni-(Germany) super got 5.5 bitcoins


18/11/2019 Djon-(Japan) made an investment of 0.05 bitcoin and immediately received a profit of 5 bitcoin super thank you best company


19/11/2019 Mantra_box-(USA) Guys, congratulate me! I`ve just got my 1st payout from sw-bitcoin!!! The site really works! Thanks!!

19/11/2019 Sonat-(Sweden) Great 🙂 I`m happy to receive my 1st bitcoin reward 🙂 It`s wonderful!!!


20/11/2019 Chris75-(Germany) my first and successful payout! sw-bitcoin, thank much … I`ll become ur regular investor

20/11/2019 Patricio-(Italy) intellectual-bitcoin is the best.😃😃😃😃 This resource is awesome.More power.I wish you happiness and prosperity. And even more true investors I have already received my ninth payment. Thanks a lot sw-bitcoin 😉


20/11/2019 Zikim-(USA)  Merci d’avoir répondu à mes attentes. Ce site fonctionne vraiment et rapporte un investissement accru. Merci pour votre travail assidu dans l’industrie de la cryptographie!


20/11/2019 Kenny Wayne-(Czech Republic) “Thank you very much guys… for the instant service!! The best system I’ve ever seen.”

21/11/2019 Charles Walton-(Madrid, Spain) Awesome! very fast! you are the best of the best!!!!

21/11/2019 DozanQurdu (Punjab, Pakistan) You are best investment platform!!! This site really pays!!! Take a sight at my initial Bitcoin reward: 98042999028916bba78f971e26a522aa27174eda26dde8bb01c67816d9f914b6

22/11/2019 Peter-(Germany) HOORAY!!! On my BTC wallet came promised reward!!! It was initial investment and this appeared real!!!
Thank u so MUUUCH!!!

22/11/2019 Andrew-(Spain) took part in the action received 12.72 bitcoin thanks cool all without delay

23/11/2019 Anna-(Madrid, Spain) simply thanks for my better life


23/11/2019 Steve-(USA) Trusted,reliable and Keep going….. Thank you so much

24/11/2019 dark_elf -(Italy) Great stuff! received in full. Keep up the great work!


24/11/2019 No-Name -(United Kingdom) thank thank thank you very very much!!! i just found my first payout on the wallet!! it`s really unbelievable!!

25/11/2019 Linda -(South Africa) got my third reward, thanks


25/11/2019 Rockey_01-(Rio De Janeiro, Brazil) Oh my…! the site is really honestly working! today got just 1st payment, but this inspires me making another deposit…!

25/11/2019 miu-mau-(France) Use this invest resource not the first and even not second time. Highly recommend!

26/11/2019 BTCinvestor-( Singapore) handed over 0.35 for storage and received after 1 hour 35 bitcoin it's incredible I'm shocked thank you very much I will still do a lot thanks to your company I invited a friend and received a referral bonus 0.78 bitcoin

26/11/2019 Dorian-(Manchester, United Kingdom) I still have a win with 2 post in the amount of 9 Bitcoins Super thank you I came back to you, still today you are the best


27/11/2019 I couldn't believe my BTC investment would come back! But I dared to try. People usually say bitcoin multiplication sites don't work – however it's not like all of them. Today I received my payout (3BnU5wyL3QKJTpufwUsoQyMh5z4ANmapCH) - 0.5 bitcoins.

intellectual bitcoin, thank you very much for your work

27/11/2019 I got my reward from the launch plan-e408cfcf2f4fdacb122fc6936b898b57c5cc4ada22713e2c07e742fa6e6c3775 (0.5 btc). Until I saw my increased bitcoin, I didn't believe it could be real, so I invested a small amount – 0.005 BTC in a startup plan, introduced a new wallet for profit. I wouldn't want to give my main wallet BTC to avoid potential problems. Although, I did not expect the payment to come from another wallet, I was waiting for the money from those wallets where I invested the money. But no Matter, I still increased the bitcoins. Thanks, team!

27/11/2019 Good morning! Today I received my payment to my current BTC wallet 3CZLej63qsPLkYwYYqtNUTgEn1GmQmQ2on in the amount of 1 bitcoins. I invested in a "multiplier" plan and the site really multiplied my BTC. Since then, I am not worried about losses, as my original invested money I have repeatedly returned. I'm going to use the profits to reinvest!

28/11/2019 First, I invested in intellectual-bitcoin!
I used a minimal launch plan to test the honesty of the site and it's real!!
I got paid just in time and the amount I expected to see!
Thanks a lot!

28/11/2019 Thank you intellectual-bitcoin for helping me with my profits and making my 3th withdrawal possible. I am living proof of this great business opportunity. 3PS8R8VY472mvWkGi8qSZjR5cS6Z7xAoAn

29/11/2019 Houray houray houray!
My 1st btc investment came back on my wallet!
The site is honest!

30/11/2019 intellectual-bitcoin – You are best investment platform!!!
This site really paus!!!
Take a sight at my initial Bitcoin reward:

01/12/2019 i received the payment again even sooner the time u said
i read the about us page and im proud of a website such this sry for bad english thank you <3

04/12/2019 Received my payment again!
Hail intellectual-bitcoin.! The provider of the poor! Provider of all!
Thank you so much intellectual-bitcoin. you’re the best!!


05/12/2019 3KjcoPE91oSysc9CGJjhFcyqVuVjtgNj74
lucky to meet this bitcoin investment platform, i increase here my money fund in several times
and now i can afford the house and car of my dream

08/12/2019  intellectual-bitcoin is the best.😃😃😃😃
This resource is awesome.
More power.
I wish you happiness and prosperity. And even more true investors
I have already received my ninth payment.
Thanks a lot intellectual-bitcoin 😉

09/12/2019 First, I invested in 100x bitcoin!
I used a minimal launch plan to test the honesty of the site and it's real!!
I got paid just in time and the amount I expected to see!
Thanks a lot!

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